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Environmental Health and Safety MissionEmergency Number Day: 970-563-5100 Night: 719-470-1126

Our mission is to support the responsible development and production of oil and gas resources by promotion of safe and healthy work environments, through the development, communication and training, and auditing of environmental, health and safety specifications that, when implemented, will minimize or eliminate safety and health risks and environmental impacts and provide effective regulatory compliance for Red Willow Production Company in a manner consistent with responsible environmental and fiscal stewardship.


Below-creek water pipe repair, Red Willow Production Company

Red Willow is a proponent of environmental stewardship and we strive for minimal impacts to the air, water, and land during our drilling and operations activities.  Environmental management programs are in place to reduce air emissions, prevent and respond to releases, protect water resources, work collaboratively with landowners, and to minimize wildlife and habitat disturbance.  We manage and operate our assets in full compliance with applicable environmental, health and safety, State, Federal, and Tribal regulations and internal standards.

Health & Safety

Red Willow Production Company is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and the local communities where we operate.

Red Willow fosters a safety culture that is proactive: we continually strive to improve our health and safety programs and practices by training our employees as well as providing technical support to our employees and contractors.  Protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, and community members is part of our culture.

Red Willow also incorporates leading safety indicators, such as conducting safety meetings, employee participation in safety committees, and overall employee engagement in safety.  We also encompass an internal multi-discipline audit team which identifies and mitigates potential hazards.

Red Willow measures our performance against two common industry key performance indicators: Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and Days Away, Restrictions, and Transfers (DART).

Safety Data Sheets

Pipeline Safety

Buried Pipeline Sign
Buried Pipeline Sign

As a standard safety practice, most of Red Willow Production Company’s pipelines are buried.  Our buried pipelines can be identified by markers located along our rights-of-ways.

Emergency Number

  • Day: 970-563-5100
  • Night: 719-470-1126

Call before you dig

Call or submit online ticket(s) at least two business days prior to beginning any excavation project.

Homeowners: Ticket Express is designed for residential and professional excavators to submit utility locate request via the internet.  Emergency tickets, call

Professional Excavators: Online ticket requests or Colorado 811 Tier One members can access the Positive Response system via phone or web to submit locate requests.

Contractor Safety Management

All Red Willow contractors are required to participate in our Contractor Safety Qualification Program, which includes a review of our contractors’ safety programs, key program indicators, and insurance policies.

Photo credit: Nancy S. Young | Southern Ute Shared Services