Red Willow Production Company

About Us

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe formed Red Willow in 1992 to take greater control over the Tribe’s energy resources in the San Juan Basin.  Since that beginning, Red Willow has diversified its asset base beyond the reservation and now has reserves and production in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico, the Delaware Basin in West Texas and Jonah Field in the Green River Basin, Wyoming.


Careers at Red Willow Production Company

Red Willow has talented and dedicated staffs that are integral to the success of the Company.  Asset teams have experience built around exploration, drilling, and production activities, and have technical expertise in the latest industry-standard technologies.  The EHS team ensures that operations are conducted in a safe and environmentally conscious manner while fully complying with environmental and safety laws, regulations, and standards.  Accountants, technicians, and administrative staff direct Red Willow’s smooth operation.


As Red Willow has expanded, we have kept our family-based orientation and employee camaraderie.  A friendly work environment has always been a Red Willow priority: the people here share both common business goals and respect and appreciation for colleagues’ efforts.  We foster an environment of safety and continuous improvement and take considerable pride in being a respected partner, working hard to maintain positive relationships in the industry and local communities.

Southern Ute Indian Tribe

The Southern Ute Indian Tribe, located in Ignacio, Colorado, has approximately 1500 members.  The reservation in southwestern Colorado encompasses about 700,000 acres.  Today the Tribe owns 300,000 surface acres (and the associated mineral rights) on the reservation, and private citizens own the remaining 400,000 acres.  The mix of Tribal and private land on the reservation makes a checkerboard like pattern.

Southern Ute Growth Fund

Southern Ute Indian Reservation
Southern Ute Indian Reservation (click to open in a new window)

In 1999, the Southern Ute Indian Tribe adopted an official Financial Plan that separates the Tribe’s core government activities from the various business and investment activities.  The Financial Plan established the Growth Fund to organize all of the Tribe’s non-gaming business ventures.  The Growth Fund’s business portfolio originated with the Tribe’s oil and gas activities but has broadened dramatically over the past decade.  Red Willow is a subsidiary of the Growth Fund.  Other business activities of the Growth Fund include natural gas gathering and treating, real estate, and private equity.

Photo credit: Nancy S. Young | Southern Ute Shared Services